Services, Availability and Pricing

checkDiagnosing Software and Hardware Problems

Mail stopped working? Web pages blocked by ads? Computer slow? No sound?

Symptoms of problems vary widely. Describe what is happening (or not happening) and I'll give you a quick recommendation of what needs to be done. Contact me with e-mail or by phone and I'll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

checkVirus, Spyware and Malware Removal

Even with anti-virus software installed, stuff happens. New "malware" (a general term for malicious software that negatively impacts your computer) is distributed daily -- through e-mail, the Web, downloads, etc. -- and it may not be detected by your protection software. Sometimes detection and removal is simple; sometimes it is complex and time-consuming. After removal, I will give you recommendations for prevention.

checkSetup and Configuration of Hardware and Software

New computer? Printer? Internet Service? Software? I will set up for you and explain what I'm doing. Part of the setup process is often downloading and installing updates from the Internet; if you want, I'll show you how to do them and not charge you for the time it takes to sit at the computer and watch the screen!

checkNetworking for Home or Office

Need to connect computers in your home or office or set up a wireless network? You'll want some hardware and some ideas about what you'll use it for -- I'll do the rest.

checkPhone or Remote Internet Connection Support

Sometimes I can resolve a problem or give advice over the phone or with e-mail without making a visit (and if it's a quick question, there will be no charge). I'm always available for followup after a visit. If you have the necessary software, I can occasionally work on your computer remotely. I'm open to any option that works best for you.

checkSimple Web Site Design and Maintenance

Need a simple web site or blog? I will give you some recommendations to fit your needs and set it up for you or recommend someone who can. If you need maintenance on an existing web site (for example, updating or simple changes) we can discuss your needs and possible solutions. Whatever works best for you works best for me.


Want to know how to use your computer or software more effectively? I have years of experience with many different kinds of computers and software and have taught both adults and children in workshop, classroom, and individual settings.


Home or Office Visits:

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Special arrangements can be made for evening and weekend appointments.

E-mail and phone messages will generally be answered within 24 hours.


I usually charge by the hour but sometimes by the project if extended time is involved. I will quote you a price after you have contacted me with a description of your needs. My charges are much lower than corporate support services like Geek Squad because I don't have the overhead but I remain competitively priced with others offering similar personal, in-home and in-office computer support services.